Grouped Violin plot

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Select a file Example

Draw a Grouped Violin plot with txt format data

1、The input file should be a tab delimited table with headers, or you can use the excel table saved as a txt format.
2、The file needs to have a header and column names, and the first line is X-axis. Each column represents different samples, different genes or different types. You can input gene expression scale, metabolite abundance table, microbial abundance table, etc. Is other data, such as tumor size, weight, length and other indicators.
3、Enter 2 or more files to drawing. The number of total columns in each group is the same, and the names of the corresponding columns in each group remain the same.


1、 Click Add File and Delete File to add or delete files. Each file can be customized.

2、 After entering the file, click the rear color box to achieve color customization.

3、X-axis name: custom

4、Y-axis name: custom

5、graphic name: custom

A result tablet in xls, A Grouped Violin plot in PNG/PDF format.

Result description:
Violin plots are generally used to visualize the abundance of genes, showing data density at any location.The figure is interpreted as follows:
① the white dot represents the median Q2 (half of the data is greater than the median and distributing above it , and the other half is less than the median, below it).
② The black rectangle is the range from the lower quartile to the upper quartile. The upper edge of the rectangle is the upper quartile Q3, representing that 1/4 of the data is greater than the upper quartile, and the lower edge is the lower quartile Q1, which means that the number of 1/4 in the data is less than the lower quartile. The length of the quartile interval IQR represents the degree of dispersion and symmetry of the unanomalous data, Long is scattered, short is concentrated.
③ the black line running through the violin diagram represents the interval from the minimum non-abnormal data to the maximum non-abnormal data, and the upper and lower end of the line represent the upper limit and the lower limit respectively,those out of range are outliers.
④ the outer shape of black rectangle is kernel density estimation . The length of vertical axis of figure represents the degree of data dispersion, and the length of horizontal axis represents the distribution of data in a certain position of vertical coordinate.

Example:   Example1   Example2